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- Galena and halkopirit
Galena and halkopirit
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Field: city Madan mines "on September 9" size: 12 cm, 8 cm galena characterized sys sydyrzhanie many impurities, silver, copper, tsing, selenium, bismuth, iron, arsenic, magnesium and others. Crystallize in cubic system. Appears as zyrnesti units or vprysletsi sys nepravelna form. Galenityt associated with pyrite, zinc blend, halkopirit, arsenopirit and others. There leaden color. Halkopirita often pyti sydyrzha trace amounts of impurities in gold, silver and others. Crystallize in tetragonalnata system. Appears in summary crystal aggregates. There zlatistozhylt color black sys pystyr ottenyk feature. It is one of the main sources of copper. Sypytstuva of pyrite, pirotin, galena, zinc blend and others.
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